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Lambretta leg shields

Currently we can offer a scooter chair based on all “large frame” lambretta’s from 1957 to 1971. This includes all models from series one to the GP/DL models, including all the derivatives. We could also produce chairs based on the Vespa, but this will require some additional R&D, but this is planned for the future.

What we do…

Based on the model of Lambretta required we source either new or refurbish old lambretta components (legshields, horncast, horn grill and badges). From there an individual mould is taken from the inside of the legshield which will be used to attach the lumber upholstered pad too. Incorporated in this mould are strengthening ribs to give the chair rigidity when completed.


All metal components are then passed onto Khayalami Autobody a local accredited (SAMBRA) body shop and are painted with quality materials. If company branding is required we then apply a wrap based on the company logo etc..


Lambretta leather chair coverThe seat base is then made and all fixings are securely bonded in. The lumber pad and base unit are then taken to a local automotive restoration trimming company, MC Autotrimmers, they currently restore Rolls Royce, Bentley, Maserati and other prestigious vehicles. Here they create a squab and then using quality leather create the covers. These can be made from a variety colours, perforated hide; the choice is yours.

Coloured leather piping or double stitching is used to create a distinctive look for each chair.

The top of the lumber pad, has an embroidered lambretta script applied into the top lumber panel, this is based on the year of original manufacture of the required model. This could also be branded to a companies needs.


castorFinally all the components are assembled. All new rubbers (Casa Lambretta) are fitted, included are the original style end caps (top and bottom), and the relevant badges / decals. Both upholstered pads are then securely fixed onto the legshields.

An Italian seat mechanism is then mounted to the base of the legshields, this give full movement; including swivel, tilt and height adjustment. The hydraulic gas and polished aluminium base are assembled, designer castors are used to give our chairs the “attention to detail” that they deserve.

This whole process takes around 3 -6 weeks (based on sourcing of components), during which, each stage is quality checked.

So you read how we make cool…. why not click here to commission your own unique lambretta chair.

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