Lambretta GP200 Electronic build

work in progressLambretta GP200 Electronic build

gp200_12Started work on the GP 200 Electronic chair just over a week ago. The frame for the upholstery has been constructed and passed onto MC Autotrimmers. On this build we are using double stitching instead of piping. The embroidered logo on the lumber uses the traditional GP script and is in a grey colour.

Lambretta ChairLambretta Chair








The body work has been prepared and went off the Khayalami Autobodys at the start of the week and was finished today (Friday).

Lambretta ChairLambretta Chair









So will build up the legshields over the weekend, with badges and trim. The plan will be to to add the upholstery on Monday.

On Monday afternoon doing a presentation to local company with regards to automating the manufacture of the lumber frame. The plan is to laser scan the inside of each style of legshield and then CNC machine the lumber frame. This will help with reducing lead times, as well as improve the quality.

Update – 7th December 2013

This morning built up the legshields, attached the badges and the “electronic logo”. Thanks to my wife Jules for helping out and for giving me expert advise on how to easy apply the decal. Who would have known that soapy water would do the trick! Top tip by the way. Looking forward to a ride out on Sunday morning to meet up with the rest of the guys from the Lambretta Club South Africa.

Lambretta Chair

Update – 9th December 2013

Went through to MC Autotrimmers this morning. The new GP covers are made, just need to attach to squabs and the upholstery will be finished. Ready to assemble in the morning. The meeting planned for today has been put out till Friday, due to Madiba’s funeral arrangements. Madiba was a father to the world not just South Africa, and this is shown by the amount of Presidents, Royalty and people coming to pay their last respects.

The double stitching will look awesome, our lambretta chairs just get better and better in terms of quality and looks…

GP 9 dec

Update – 11th December 2013

Jules did her magic with the camera this afternoon, the GP 200 Electronic all finished and looks so cool..







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